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Yellow Fragrant Wintersweet (Chimonanthus Praecox) is celebrated for its enchanting fragrance and golden-yellow blossoms. With our carefully selected collection of 30 seeds, you can nurture and shape this unique plant, creating a mesmerizing addition to your bonsai collection or ornamental garden.

Flowering Wintersweet Trees can begin to produce beautiful blooms when there is a chill in the air. that is a unique genetic dwarf that grows.This deciduous plant can be making bonsai when it matures,or Used in containers, as hedges, mass planting, specimen, cutting garden, and to brighten up any table or counter top with the warm vibrant yellow cut flowers.

Please soak it into normal temperature water for 24 hours before planting, so that it is easier to germinate. If you don't want to plant it immediately, please keep it into refrigerator (0-10 degrees Celcious). These seeds life is up to 2 years.

Experience the captivating fragrance and beauty of Chinese Flower Yellow Fragrant Wintersweet in your garden ,These seeds offer you the opportunity to cultivate the fragrant and golden blossoms of Chimonanthus Praecox for bonsai gardening or ornamental purposes.

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