50 Seeds Diospyros cathayensis – Cathay Persimmon ,Bonsai


This is A relatively rare, subtropical persimmon, native to China. Bears small, yellow to orange colored fruits ,Does well in warm, subtropical areas. This is a rather bushy tree, but has a central main stem that should form a respectable trunk in due course. The ascending branches covered in glossy dark green foliage are attractive, and when in fruit the orange globes are extremely ornamental.

Cathay persimmon is in the ebony or Ebenaceae family ,Branchlets are brown, minutely pubescent, usually tipped with slender spines,Leaves are mostly evergreen, alternate, simple, elliptic, 4–9 cm long and 1.5–3.6 cm across,

Flowers bloom from April to May, with males in axillary cymes, densely pubescent; female flowers are solitary, small with a white corolla.Fruit a yellow to orange rounded to oblong berry, to 3 cm diameter, with persistent enlarged calyx at the base.

Our seeds have been properly aged, dried and stored to help ensure a strong rate of successful germination when planted in well-draining soil in a sunny spot.