120 Seed Peanut Seeds Non-GMO Fresh Garden Seeds Virginia Jumbo Fresh 2024


First Quality Non-GMO Peanut Seeds ,peanut seeds bear 50-60 pods,per plant in a good growing environment. Each shell contains 1 or 3 jumbo size peanuts.

Peanuts are fun to grow. They have bright yellow flowers and make nuts underground that you can roast, eat, or turn into healthy peanut butter.Kids love growing peanuts, and the process is pretty neat.These peanuts show good disease resistance and high tolerance to a variety of weather .

High rate Successful seeds Germination after 7 days wrapped in wet paper towel .Sow seeds 1 inch deep. Seeds germinate in 7-14 days. Ideal germination temperature is 68-75 F. Do not plant peanuts into soil until it averages 68F; they don't like excessively cool soil. Can take 120-135 days to mature.

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