Pin Cushion For sewing machine 2pcs Pin Holder-DIY Craft Watermelon-PeavyTailor


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PeavyTailor The Sticky Pin cushion comes in a vivid and interesting animal + fruit modeling. The biggest feature is that it has a strong adhesion. Magical removable glue, also known as positioning glue, super-viscous and durable, You can move lots times the Pin cushion anywhere in the sewing machine to any place of the sewing machine. It is traceless and non-residual glue. This new type of adhesive can paste 3kg or less. It is a strong adhesive that can be used repeatedly. Stick to whatever you like. Note: When using, peel off the protective film and do not touch the surface of the glue with your fingers. This additional Sticky Pin cushion can be used in all domestic sewing machines and is one of the newest products of Peavytailor company.This fit and sturdy animal + fruit shaped (large) 3.5″/1.5″ + (Small) 2″ / 1″ wide attachment contains quality cushioning, and attaches to anywhere you like, that provides a great hold on all your pins and needles in an easy-to- find and use location.