15pcs Bobbin Buddies Bobbin Holder Clamp Great for Embroidery Quilting Sewing Machine #8


This Spools Buddies Great for Embroidery Quilting and Sewing Thread.it can hold any type of bobbin threads-no more tangles! Simply slip the soft plastic bobbin buddies over spools and insert into thread spool. easy to use and the thread stays put! Tidy up your thread bobbin storage & eliminate the clutter and frustration caused by tangled tails or loose ends – adapt our easy, effective and awesome Thread Savers and stay better organized. Cute little accessories that embrace your spools to prevent unraveling of threads , Easy to put on and equally easy to remove – Come packaged in a set of 15 pcs . – Reusable design that allows you to use these over and again for years – offer great value in the long run.

SKU: 082spool8-15

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