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PeavyTailor 16 pcs thread bobbin clamp for use while bobbins are not in the machine .
A buddy system for thread spools and bobbins. Simply slip the soft plastic bobbin buddy over bobbin thread and insert into spool. Simply slip and the thread stays put!

Just slip one over a bobbin, and it won't unwind even if you drop it.keep bobbin thread tails under control' .

PeavyTailor solves an universal problem; It keeps bobbin thread tails from unwinding
By hugging the spool, prevents the thread to become loose over time.
These functional rubber pieces will grip bobbins from almost empty to full.
Easy to use and works with Type A, L and M bobbins, clamp are a 'must have' notion on every sewing room!
Give them a try! it will make your sewing life easier!
– Package of 16 colorful clamps
-Works with the most preferred bobbin sizes (type L,class A and M )
– High quality silicone that will hold bobbins tight to prevent unwinding
– Super easy to use


SKU: 002clamp400-16


【What Is This】: PeavyTailor bobbin holders are designed to avoid thread twined. These spool clips are organizers that keep your sewing room neat, nice and clean.

【How to Use】: Use your fingers to open the bobbin clips and hold it until you clamp the thread tail. The bobbin huggers will tighten the thread and will not let it tangle even if you drop it.
【What In the Packages】: 16 pcs of bobbin clamps with 4 colors evenly mixed:Pink, Green, Purple and Sky Blue. Those thread spools clips did a great job to avoid mess of unwinding Thread Tails when they are in storage.

【What Material】: These thread bobbin holders are made from High-strength plastic which is durable to last for many years. These sewing clamps fit most domestic embroidery and sewing thread spools.

【Patent Protected】: PeavyTailor Bobbin Storage clamps thread huggers are patented product. We promise the product quality and will punish all piracy.

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