Mixed Color-10000 Sun Rose Seeds – Mexican Rose, Portulaca Grandiflora Mix, Moss-Rose Purslane, Eleven O’clock, Rock Rose


Sun Rose is a beautiful flowering plant that produces stunning, rose-like blooms in a variety of colors including white, pink, lavender, and blue.The flowers are typically small but are produced in abundance, creating a carpet of color when planted in clusters.

These plants thrive in full sun and require plenty of sunlight to produce their best flowers. They are well-suited for hot and arid climates.Sun Rose are relatively easy to care for. They prefer well-draining soil and don’t require frequent watering.

Soak seeds in warm water for 2-3 hour, Sprinkle and lightly press seeds on evenly moistened, soilless growing mix or well-draining soil and cover seeds with a very light layer of soil. Cover container with clear plastic wrap. Place container in a warm, brightly-lit area that will receive plenty of indirect sunlight ideally at 70-75F .
Keep the soil evenly moist and mist lightly,Remove wrap once seedlings sprout.