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Nothing can stop the Red maple from displaying its vivid range of bright hues. Plant your Red maple Maple along the road’s edge, in borders, or as an ornamental that stands on its own. No matter where it grows, the Red Maple puts on a show and transforms your landscape into the best yard on the block.

Whether you’re in a cold climate with temperatures down to -20 degrees or a hot, dry desert up to zone 9, you get the promise of intense color. Red maple is a deciduous shade tree that shows beauty year-round. In fall, expect red flowers, red fruits and red branches. It boasts a long lifespan of 150 years and can grow up to 90 ft tall.

Cold stratify in the freezer for 3 months prior to planting if not planting in the fall for overwintering. Sow 3/8 of an inch into moist soil Keep seeds and soil continually moist throughout germination phase. Apply general purpose 10-10-10 fertilizer once a year in spring after the tree is well established. Do not over apply. Slow release fertilizers are a safe bet. Deep watering every month or so is a great watering schedule. it is also a good ideal to apply mulch around your Red Maple.

Carefully selected seeds ensuring a greater chance of successful germination and growth. These seeds with the wings attached or in some cases detached from the seeds you will receive. they do not help or hinder the germination rate. Planting these seeds provides a rewarding experience for gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.