60 Seeds Pink Trumpet Tabebuia rosea Fresh 2024 Pink


The Pink Trumpet adds unbeatable color to warm-weather landscapes, with a carpet of showy pink flowers that bloom from spring through summer, covering the tree. Vibrant, bell-shaped flowers are offset by warm, sunny-yellow centers. And while this semi-evergreen maintains its glossy foliage for most of the year, it will drop its leaves briefly before flowering.

Tabebuia Chrysantha, also known as Pink Trumpet tree, is a rounded to spreading,deciduous tree .Trumpet trees are loved for their dazzling display of blossoms that burst forth ahead of their leaves in spring, Striking and Abundant Pink Flowers ,Rare Pink Rush Red Flower Plant,These trees are relatively easy to grow and it seems that everyone wants one when they are flowering. It grows best in warm and moist climates when in full sun.