60 Seeds Golden Trumpet Handroanthus chrysotrichus Tabebuia Chrysantha Fresh 2024 Yellow


Tabebuia Chrysantha, also known as Golden Trumpet tree, is a rounded to spreading,deciduous tree .Trumpet trees are loved for their dazzling display of blossoms that burst forth ahead of their leaves in spring, Striking and Abundant Yellow Flowers ,Rare Gold Rush Yellow Flower Plant,These trees are relatively easy to grow and it seems that everyone wants one when they are flowering. It grows best in warm and moist climates when in full sun.

Sometimes evergreen but most often deciduous, has four-inch-long silvery leaves with tan, fuzzy undersides. These leaves drop for a short period in April to May, and it is at this time that the trees put on their heaviest flowering display, the trumpet-shaped, bright yellow blossoms appearing in clusters.

Transform your landscape with the vibrant beauty of the Golden Trumpet Tree! These captivating trees erupt in stunning yellow trumpet-shaped flowers several times a year, creating a breathtaking focal point in any yard.

These are relatively easy to grow , perfect for patient gardeners looking for a rewarding challenge. Vibrant yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom several times a year.Adaptable to most well-draining soils.Tolerates drought and some waterlogging.Thrives in full sun to partial shade, zones 9b-11

Please note: Germination rates for seeds can vary. These seeds are fresh , but success also depends on planting techniques, climate, and care.