500 Seeds Purple February Orchid 2″ Flower Violet


The February Orchid, aka Violet Cress, is an herb from the mustard family that is native to China ,The flowers & mild flavored leaves are used in salads, or the leaves can be used as cooking greens like you would use spinach.

The February Orchid is well worth growing for its ornamental value alone. The brightly colored purple flowers with yellow eyes are large, measuring 1 ½ – 2” across, & the leaves are a lovely heart shape. Grow them in beds, as a border, in containers, naturalized in meadow, or as a beautiful ground cover. These plants are able to grow in most soils from loose and sandy to heavy clays. Collect their seeds to plant more February Orchids the following season, or simply allow them to drop to the ground & reproduce naturally.

Perennial Herb Plant, With 30-40cm, Terminal Racemes, Blue Color, It Is Called February Orchid For Blossoming Out During February. Vivid Blossoming In The Early Spring, Spreading On The Plain, In The Hills, Along The Roadside Or Near The Field, More Adaptable To Different Soil And Illumination, Anti-cold And Anti-arid, Edible Leaves.

Easily Self-sowing, Appling For Flower Border, Especially For Landscaping Companies common Variety.


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