50 Japanese Cherry Blossom Seeds Rare Fast Hardy Flower Sakura Bonsai


Super colourful, carpet flowers looking incredibly playful and beautiful under the trees, in flower gardens, pots, rockeries. Easy and fast growing with basic maintenance, they blend well with colour flowers and look very pretty just by themselves.

Cherry Blossom Trees also Make Gorgeous Bonsai as well. Leaves stay glossy green throughout the summer and into the fall when they turn a vivid yellow before leaving the tree bare in winter.

Cherry Blossom Trees prefers moist, well-drained soils of average fertility in full sun, but is adaptable to poorer soils, compaction and dry soils once established. Pruning is not necessary unless removing a damaged limb. Fertilize once a year in spring with cherry tree fertilizer.

Cold stratify seeds in the freezer 3 months prior to sowing. Patience is needed as the germination rate with Cherry seeds is very erratic and can take anywhere from 4-12 Months to germinate. Some will sprout earlier than others, so don’t toss the rest out as they are still good, and just need more time.