5 Seeds Rangoon creeper, Red Pink Quisqualis Flower Seeds Combretum indicum seeds.


An exquisite, colorful tropical ornamental, widely known for its attractive pink-red flowers, which droop down from branches in clusters. It is a shrubby vine that can be left alone, or trained onto trellising and fencing. During warm months, the flowers are profuse, creating a spectacular display. Flowers are also strongly, sweetly fragrant. Seeds are fresh, cannot be stored and should be planted on receipt.

Get ready to add a touch of beauty to your garden with these 5 Quisqualis Indica Seeds. They will surely turn heads with their vibrant colors and sweet fragrance. Combretum indicum seeds have anthelmintic properties and are recognized to be medicinal.

Snip off the pointed tip of a shell just enough so water can penetrate it if you wish to speed germination of the kernel inside. If you would like even more rapid germination, use your fingers to peel off the rest of the somewhat brittle shell, being careful not to damage the kernel.

Soak the fruits or extracted kernels in a covered container of lukewarm water overnight. Fill seedling pots with a mixture of half seed sowing mix and half sand. Plant one fruit or kernel in each pot one inch deep.

Cover the pots with plastic wrap to keep the mix damp. Continue to water as necessary to keep the mix consistently moist but not soggy.