300 Fig Tree Seeds Black Sweet Fruit Shrub Bonsai Fresh 2024


Fig Tree is a lush, tropical looking tree that produces small, chewy, bronze fruit. These fruit plants offer fruit that is sweet and great dried or used in preserves.
Fill a small container with damp seed starting mix. Plant your seeds about 6 mm) deep. Provide some sort of covering over your germination containers to preserve moisture. Allow for some air to circulate but don’t let the mix dry out. Place the germination container in a warm location out of direct sunlight.The seeds will usually germinate within 11-25 days when kept in the optimum temperature range of 70 to 80F (21-27C).
When the plants develop their first true leaves, they should be transplanted into larger individual containers. Introduce the plants to outdoor conditions slowly.
Fig ripens in early summer and is a self-pollinator
Fruit tree is best grown in USDA Hardiness zones 8-11
Space the trees 18 ft. apart and plant in full sun
Mature height of the fig tree is around 18-20 ft.