25 Camellia Seeds Camellia sinensis Chinese Green Tea Seeds Tea Plant Edible Flower


From late Summer to early Winter this plant has white or red blossoms.Tea Plant leaves can be dried to make tea.

Soak the seeds for 24 hours, Fish out, Keep an eye on the seeds for a day or two. When the hulls begin to crack, gather the seeds up and sow them immediately. Keep the seeds uniformly moist but not sodden in an area with temperatures that are consistently 70-75 F or atop a germination mat. Cover the germinating tea seeds with plastic wrap to retain moisture and warmth.The germinating tea seeds should show signs of growth within a month or two. When sprouts begin to appear, remove the plastic wrap.Once the emerging seedlings have two sets of true leaves, Move the transplanted seedlings into a sheltered spacand light shade .