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24 pcs Thread Spools Savers with two handles for holding the grip.
Thread Spool Prevent Thread Unwinding No Loose Ends or Thread Tails.Thread Savers Tidy up your spool storage & eliminate the clutter and frustration caused by tangled tails or loose ends – adapt our easy, effective and awesome Thread Savers and stay better organized.
– embrace your spools to prevent unraveling of threads
– Flexible Silicone Build ,with two handles for holding the grip ,Easy to put on and equally easy to remove
– Flexibility also allows for easy adjustment in size – each Thread saver can fit a range of spool diameters conveniently.
– Equally suitable for sewing thread spools or embroidery spools
– Come packaged in a set of 24 pcs,four pretty colors.
– Reusable design that allows you to use these over and again for years – offer great value in the long run.
Keep Thread Tails under control, and prevents thread from loosing tension Fits most brands of home embroidery and sewing thread spools,Made of quality silicone that adjust to different spools diameters and are made to last Functional, easy to use, reusable, FITS ON STANDARD THREAD RACKS.

SKU: 003clamp300-24

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Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 1 in

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