200 Mixed Hibiscus Seeds Pink Purple Rose of Sharon Ornamental Shrub


Hibiscus syriacus Flower are a great addition to any setting to create a lusher and more vibrant outdoor setting. Multiple color flower to decorate the garden Grow vigorous, frost-hardy hibiscus that thrives in a wide range of cool and well-shaded North American gardens.

The flowers come in several colors, white, pink, purple, blue, red or bicolors, with a different colored throat .displays rich flowers all summer on dark green foliage.

Before sowing, hibiscus seeds are soaked for half an hour in a dark pink solution of manganese, the seeds are sown in containers with a mixture of sand and peat, covered with glass and placed in a warm place, where the temperature is kept within 25-27 oC.

Prune to shape in early spring if desired. that rose of Sharon is quite late to leaf out in spring, so be patient with it.