20 Magnolia Tree Seeds Saucer Mix Pink/White Flowers Chinese Magnolia


Magnolia flowers emerge dramatically on a bare tree in early spring, with the deciduous leaves expanding shortly thereafter, lasting through summer until autumn.

The exact timing and length of flowering varies between named varieties, as does the shape of the flower. Some are globular, others a cup-and-saucer shape.

Small deciduous tree with gorgeous,The blossoms are large and also fragrant. They make for excellent shade trees and have pretty green foliage for most the year. They grow quickly and in most soils.

Some the sand storage cold layer has been prepared and will be planted immediately after receipt.Some not Pretreatment done can be cold stratified simply by storing them in your refrigerator for 120 days.

Each type of seed has different germination rates ,You may need to do an internet search for your seeds specific needs. The seeds can be sown in fall or winter and will emerge in spring. zone 4-9.