20 Longan Seeds Rare Dwarf Longan Sweet and Juicy Fruit Tree Bonsai


Longans are evergreen trees with dense, dark green foliage and corky bark. A relative of the lychee, longan fruit is extremely sweet and juicy and grows in clusters.Trees typically grow to 30-40 feet. The fruit are round, with a smooth, light brown peel and translucent pulp. There’s a single, shiny brown seed in the center.

The dwarf longan tree is a smaller cultivar of the traditional longan tree and can be grown in small spaces or containers.Longans bloom from February or March through early May, and fruit harvest season is from the middle of July to early September, peaking in August.

Dwarf Longan is a small evergreen tree that produces a small, round, and sweet fruit. The tree is native to southern China and is also grown in other Southeast Asian countries. The fruit is popular for its sweet, juicy, and translucent white flesh and is commonly eaten fresh or dried.