120 Lantana Camara Seeds Natural Mosquito Mix Colors Shrub Free Shipping


Lantana Camara, All Season Blooms, perennial evergreen shrub which can grow to around 3-4 feet tall .This go-to garden favorite thrives in hot and dry weather, blooms nearly continuously until frost and makes a perfect Natural Mosquito Plant.

Flowers come in many different colors including red, yellow, white, pink and orange which differ depending on location in inflorescence, age, and maturity and will continue to change color after pollination occurs. Pink and yellow lantana flowers against dark green leaves, Pollinators Love It.

When cut, bruised, or even rustled by a breeze, it gives off a pleasant lemony, citronella scent that skeeters avoid.

Soak the seeds for 24 hours in warm water .Fill small nursery pots with growing medium, then moisten the medium with water. Plant 2-3 seeds per pot and cover with ⅛” of medium. Cover to retain moisture. The seeds require bright light but indirect sun.

Lantana Seeds germinate erratically so don’t give up if they don’t sprout right away. They may take anywhere from 14 to 120 days.