100 Seeds Privet Seeds – Ligustrum vulgare, Ligustrum Quihoui Carr, Ligustrum lucidum


A very tolerant and easily grown plant, it succeeds in any soil that is not very impoverished. A upright deciduous, occasionally semi-evergreen, shrub blooms creamy-white, fragrant flowers followed by round blue-black fruit.

Grows well in heavy clay soils.Common privet is not picky about locations, it grows in full sun to shade and moist to dry soils. It is used in hedges, screens, and borders. Prune after flowering.

Prefers calcareous soil and succeeds in thin dry soils. Grows well in light woodland or the full shade of a wall but flowers and fruits are best in a sunny position. Tolerant of atmospheric pollution, once established they also tolerate drought but are intolerant of waterlogging.

This low-maintenance evergreen needs a regular water schedule to ensure the growth of a mature root system. After the mature root system of the ligustrum is established, watering is needed occasionally, except during a drought, watering is needed regularly. Responds well to pruning. Shearing is recommended 2-3 per year to maintain desired shape. Mulching is recommended to detour weeds, retain moisture, and keep temperatures low.