100 Seeds Brugmansia Seeds Angels Trumpet Mix Color Double Datura Fresh 2024 for Garden


Datura, angel’s trumpet, known for their showy, trumpet-shaped flowers and ornamental value. Brugmansia plants contain alkaloids that can be toxic if ingested.

Datura seeds require light for germination.Use a spray bottle to mist the soil surface if needed.

Begin by soaking the seeds overnight in warm water to soften the outer hull and hopefully create a split that will help the seed sprout faster and with greater ease. can take from two weeks to several months to sprout, so if you don’t see results right away, don’t give up in despair.

All seeds have been harvested by hand & all test at a high germination rate. The seeds are packaged and counted by hand.all double checked to insure accuracy. We do our best and will often add extra seeds.